Handfuls of Purpose

Let’s take a little (much-needed!) break from the Coronavirus, and let’s consider a great truth in the word of God.

And let fall also some of the handfuls of purpose for her, and leave them, that she may glean them, and rebuke her not. – Ruth 2:16

Boaz told his servants to leave handfuls of purpose for Ruth. You may be thinking, “What are handfuls of purpose?” What does that even mean?

During the time of barley harvest, the reapers would cut the grain with their tools, handful by handful and bundle them into sheaves. It was law that whatever was missed by the sickles could not be picked up again. It was left for the poor to glean. Ruth was there to glean in the fields. Yet, Boaz wanted her to have something extra. So, he told them to drop – on purpose – handfuls of barley. He was intentionally leaving her extra blessings!

When we know the Lord through faith in Jesus, we discover that He, like Boaz, leaves handfuls of blessings – on purpose – for you and me.

Stop and think about what God has done for you! He goes beyond the requirements of the law; He gives handfuls by grace!

  • Have you rejoiced today that God sent His Son to die on the cross for you?
  • Have you considered the food you have eaten?
  • Have you been glad for the shelter over your head?
  • Have you thought about the family who sits around your table?
  • How about that little extra money you found at the end of the month?

Just as it was Boaz who gave handfuls for Ruth, so is it our heavenly Boaz, the Lord Jesus Christ, who leaves handfuls for us. What blessings He bestows each day!

Plus, we find that they are too numerous to count! It would have been impossible for Ruth to count every individual grain of barley left to her by Boaz; it is just as impossible for us to count every kind blessing God has bestowed!

However, to pick up a handful of purpose, Ruth had to bend low. May I say today that you will miss your handfuls of purpose if you do not humble yourself before God? Many people do not realize what God has done for them, for they have not taken time to bow low, on their knees, and give thanks to their Father!

Today, remember that God has handfuls of purpose! Humble yourself before Him,a nd you shall find them handful by handful!

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