Don’t Quit

Dunn's Grove Baptist Church in Albemarle, NC, where my dear friend, Jeremy Holt, is the pastor, has held a week-long revival meeting. So, I have had the opportunity to sit under some good, old-fashioned preaching. Bro. Mike Martin of Mooresville, NC, has been the guest preacher, and God has used him. I have needed these… Continue reading Don’t Quit


Are You a Starter or a Finisher?

What happens when the newness is gone? You know what I mean - the excitement of trying something new. When you try something new, it feels fresh, exciting, alive, and it is the topic of your conversations and your thoughts. Yet, we all know what it means for the newness to wear thin. When the… Continue reading Are You a Starter or a Finisher?


When God Wounds Us

Recently, I participated in a Zoom conference call as a pastor taught the Scriptures. He made a statement that I cannot escape. He said there are times when God wounds us. We all love to think about how God will bless us, add to our lives, and make us more comfortable. Yes, God does strengthen… Continue reading When God Wounds Us


Something Job Never Lost

Job was told to curse God and die. Job lost it all, his children, his wealth, and his own health. Job's pain level went beyond a 10. He was long past the breaking point. And it all pushed Job to cursing. He cursed the day of his birth. He openly questioned why he should live… Continue reading Something Job Never Lost

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Saddle Up, and Ride!

Have you ever heard the creed of U.S. mail carriers? It says, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." We have been studying the book of Esther in the services of the church. Esther's story took place during the days of… Continue reading Saddle Up, and Ride!


When the Power of Depression is Upon You

Charles Spurgeon, the great pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, was well-acquainted with depression. When he was 22 years old, preaching to thousands of people at the Surrey Gardens Music Hall, a prankster yelled, "FIRE!" which caused a great panic. In the mob rush, seven people were killed. The young preacher never recovered from… Continue reading When the Power of Depression is Upon You


5 Pastoral Goals for 2021

I recently listened to a staff member from another church speak about the ways in which his pastor had helped the church through the pandemic. Those thoughts have captured my heart, and I want to make them my own. Please let me share them with you with a few comments or Scriptures after each principle.… Continue reading 5 Pastoral Goals for 2021


Commit to the Sowing

Face it. There are just matters beyond our control. The actions of others, the unforeseeable events of life, the weather, the past, and the list continues. There is something within our grasp, though. We can control what we do. Take a story from the book of Esther for example. Mordecai has been elevated to a… Continue reading Commit to the Sowing


Now More than Ever, with my Church Family

There are moments in life that remind us of how much we are blessed by good family and friends in our lives. When a family member passes awayWhen a child is bornWhen that empty-nest feeling settles upon youWhen sickness comesWhen loneliness settles upon your heart The list can go on, but there are just times… Continue reading Now More than Ever, with my Church Family