Something Job Never Lost

Job was told to curse God and die.

Job lost it all, his children, his wealth, and his own health. Job’s pain level went beyond a 10. He was long past the breaking point.

And it all pushed Job to cursing. He cursed the day of his birth. He openly questioned why he should live on the earth with such suffering. He screamed he would have rather been stillborn than to experience what was now his life.

Yes, Job cursed, strongly and painfully.

But he never cursed God.

He NEVER cursed God.

There was something in Job that still said, “My Redeemer liveth!” When the outside voices said, “Curse God and die,” another voice buried beneath the boils on Job’s skin cried that God was still good.

That’s a faith worth noting. That’s a faith worth having. It was a possession in Job that he never lost, though he lost everything else.

Longer than Black Friday at Walmart is the line of people who have cursed God. With gritted teeth and/or a gritted heart they blamed and accused Him for the pains in their lives, many of them with far less pain than what Job experienced.

I readily admit that I do not want Job’s hardships, but I do want the same faith.

Since I don’t live in tomorrow, I will just have to speak for today. By the grace of God, this day I say, “My God is good.”

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