The Baptist Deacon

It is a blessed church that has faithful men who are deacons! Through the work of the first seven deacons at the church in Jerusalem, the word of God increased and the number of the disciples multiplied.

Consider Acts 6:1-8 and I Timothy 3:8-13. The only reason to have deacons is to help the pastor. The Bible gives high standards for a deacon.

The Baptist Deacon is a Servant

Acts 6:2-3 reveals that the first seven men were chosen to help the apostles by serving the tables of widows. They girded upon themselves a servant’s towel and looked for ways to be a blessing to the church. He holds the rope for others. He is a servant.

The Baptist Deacon is Spirit-filled

Acts 6:3 shows that these men were “full of the Holy Ghost.” A deacon should be surrendered and yielded to God. He loves and promotes the worship of God; he encourages the preaching and teaching of the Bible. He loves to speak of Scripture and spiritual things.

The Baptist Deacon is Sound

Consider the soundness of a deacon revealed in I Timothy 3:8-13.

  • He shall be honorable in his character
  • He shall be truthful in his speech
  • He shall not drink alcohol as a beverage
  • He shall not seek money through unjust means
  • He shall hold biblical convictions, believing and sharing the truth of God’s word
  • He shall have a good, proven name
  • His wife shall be of good character and faithful in the church
  • He shall be the husband of one wife (prohibiting divorce and polygamy)
  • He shall rule his children and his own house well

The Church owes an immeasurable debt of gratitude to those thousands of godly men who study her interests day and night, contribute largely of their substance, care for her poor, cheer her ministers, and in times of trouble and prosperity, remain faithful at their posts.

Charles Spurgeon

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