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Stubborn about the Right Things

The story of Ruth is one of the most beautiful in the Bible.  It gives such a clear picture of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  There are many truths that will help us grow.  Meditate sometime on the kinsman redeemer, handfuls of purpose, or the fields of grace.

There are many things we could say about Ruth herself.  Kind.  Faithful.  Dedicated.  Stubborn.

Wait a minute…. stubborn?  Usually, we would not praise someone for being stubborn, but Ruth was exactly that.  Only, she was stubborn about the right things.

Consider with me what the word of God says in Ruth 1:18.

“When she saw that she was stedfastly minded to go with her, then she left speaking unto her.”

Read Ruth 1, and consider the story of Naomi trying to talk Ruth into going back to Moab.  Naomi said, “There’s nothing more you need to do for me.  Go home.  Marry.  Have children.”  Yet, Ruth said, “No.  I am going with you, and I will be one of your people.”

Perhaps Naomi argued with her some about the issue, but once she saw that Ruth was “stedfastly minded,” or, stubborn, she finally quit talking and consented to Ruth’s resolve.

I can be a stubborn person.  Perhaps you can relate to that quality.  My problem is that I am usually stubborn about the wrong things or selfish things.  How wonderful to be stubborn about the right things!

I am grateful for people God has put in my life that were stubborn about good matters.  I would like to follow those steps.

  • Be stubborn when it comes to God’s word.  It is right, and it is truth.  It is inspired of God, and it is inerrant and infallible.
  • Be stubborn about the salvation that God gives in Christ.  It is by His shed blood alone.  Salvation is of the Lord – by grace through faith.
  • Be stubborn about old-fashioned godly living.  Separating ourselves from the world and unto the Lord.  We ought to demonstrate with our lives that there is a difference between the children of God and the children of the Devil.
  • Be stubborn about the old paths.  I am not interested in trading the pulpit for a production stage.  I do not want to replace prayer with programs.  I do not want to exchange preaching for a sharing of feelings.
  • Be stubborn about loving God and loving people.  Show a lost and dying world that God’s people do care and the love of Christ beats within our hearts.
  • Be stubborn about modesty and decency in a world of nakedness and immorality.  Let’s hold the old lines of clothing our bodies and abstaining from fornication.
  • Be stubborn about raising our children on godly values.  I think ball games are great.  I think school functions can be healthy.  I do not think we ought to teach our children that the house of God and work of God is a lower priority than attending a game.

The point is that we ought to be stedfastly minded, not just “minded” when it is convenient or things are going our way.

Let’s be righteously obstinate – stubborn about the right things.

In areas where we are out-of-line with God’s word, we must be humble and submissive to the Lord.

Stubborn about what God says is right.  Humble about what God says is wrong.


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