Our Mid-week Prayer Meeting

Our Wednesday night prayer meetings have been tremendous!  The Lord has been very kind to us, and He gets all the praise.  It’s His work anyway!  I have thoroughly enjoyed being with my church family for prayer meeting.  It has been a blessing!  I am excited about the fruit that will come from united, corporate petitioning and worship of the Lord.  God still hears and answers prayer!

If you have been a frequent reader of this blog, you have already read some of my thoughts about prayer meetings (See, Child of God, Pray! and Going to Prayer Meeting).  I want to share a few more and let you know what is going on at our church in these meetings.  Even if you cannot be with us, I humbly ask you to pray for us that God will use our lives for His glory.

At this point, allow me to offer a brief disclaimer.  I am not being critical of the way any other church conducts prayer meetings.  I believe we ought to seek the Lord and honor Him in all that we do.  This is simply my thoughts about what we are doing.

What does it mean to have a prayer meeting?  I do not want us to just tack on a little extra prayer and call it a prayer meeting.  A friend of mine told me recently, “Whatever you say you are doing, that’s what you ought to do.”  If you are going to have a Bible study, then study the Bible.  If you are going to have a prayer meeting, then pray.

For the last few weeks, our mid-week services have been different in that we have tried to give greater emphasis to prayer.  Let me share with you what goes on.  When we meet, we:

  • Begin our time of worship with a song (The Bible tells us to come before His presence with singing (Psalm 100:2)
  • Offer a prayer to God asking for His blessing on the meeting
  • Make announcements and receive an offering (many people may differ on this point, but we believe that the offering ought to be an act of worship)
  • Have a brief, devotional thought from God’s word to warm our hearts
  • Pray over the needs mentioned in that week’s prayer sheet

Our prayer sheet has been divided into sections to help us pray specifically for specific matters.  We take each section, have a time of prayer together, and then someone will publicly lead us in prayer over that emphasis.  We specifically pray for the following needs:

The Lost (We pray for God to save souls.  Sometimes people will offer names of family and friends for whom we can pray specifically.  If we are willing to pray for people who are sick by name, how much more should we pray for those who are lost by name?)

Those in Need of Encouragement (We try to remember those in our church family who having some special circumstance or difficulty, such as surgery, severe illnesses, etc.  We also include addresses so people can send cards.) 

The Burdens of the Church (those who are sick, afflicted in some measure, or some other special needs in our lives or the lives of people in our community)

Our Country and Leaders (We have been praying for those in office to have wisdom, protection, and guidance in their decisions.  We also pray for God to heal our land and turn us from our sins.  Furthermore, we pray for our military and their protection)

Our Missionaries (We have been asking the Lord to use our missionaries around the world.  We also ask the Lord to help us be missions-minded and use us in getting the Gospel to every creature)

We also sing choruses or songs in praise to God.  Sometimes, testimonies may be given as the Spirit of God leads.  The point is that we are coming together to worship the Lord, praise His name, and seek Him through prayer.  It is our desire to meet with our gracious God.

Again, I want to reiterate that I am not being critical of the way any other church conducts their prayer meetings.  This is just how the Lord has led us.  I believe we ought to pray and pray fervently.

I would love to hear about your experiences at your church’s prayer meetings.  Do you enjoy the prayer meetings, and have they fed your soul?  How does your church conduct the prayer meeting?

Also, If you have a prayer request that you would like for us to remember, please share it in the comments below.  We would be happy to help you pray about your burden!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday, and, if the Lord is willing, I hope everyone is blessed in worship on Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Our Mid-week Prayer Meeting

  1. thankGod for your ministry ,I havent been attending church ,was backslid cold deader than lazerus was,but I reaceaved encuredgement,only 5days ago, an now,Im led to do a work for the Lord an it has all to do about prayer,see ive been bound for over 10years, with a problem, now im giving myself as best I can to searve the lord,an be a part of the ministry of Jesus, Ive failed to pray ,hinderd by voices ,, like your prayer was not recieved, an other words that would come to me, like aint nobody whatching you,trien to stop me from prayer an worship to the lord,why am I saying all this,well maybe you will check out my web site an see what the lord is doin thru us.Ive added you on the list, lightministries.weebly.com so you an your church will be prayed for, by us an all the people who keep this site to look back on an pray over,anyone even in your church can add prayers here,so feel free to pray over us that we also will be used of god for his glory.


    • Praise the Lord for what He is doing in your life! Keep your eyes on the Lord!

      Thank you for your prayers! I greatly appreciate it! I am praying God will bless you and use you in a mighty way!


  2. Prayer meetings are most often organized by someone, regardless of their size. But because we are gathering together to pray, it seems odd to pray about prayer. Obviously the prayer meeting is already going to have prayer, so why pray about a prayer meeting?


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